Software Developer / Designer

Melbourne Australia

About Me

Experienced programmer who loves making well-designed apps, tools, and APIs that are delightful to use. I enjoy improving business systems and workflows, solving usability issues, and promoting best practices.

I'm a visual learner. I have side interests in graphic design, icons, UI/UX, brand development, technical documentation, and copywriting.

Industries I've worked in include retail, mining, construction safety, and vegetation management.




Reporting website - ETS Infrastructure Management

Web app (2022)

The business needed a cost-effective way to release sensitive financial PowerBI reports to staff and external customers. To solve this I created a web app which allowed the user to sign in and list the reports and workspaces that the user has access to.

The complex part was keeping it secure. A third-party security audit was performed alongside consultation with Microsoft. One requirement was that all users needed to authenticate daily via MFA. It required extensive testing of the website session and authentication/signup flow, as well as maintaining good documentation.



Javascript game (2021)

My kids found a glitchy Sokoban variant and we were determined to finish it. Then I thought it would be fun to make my own and involve the kids in the process.

My spin on the genre was to have connecting rooms and doors. I also made a basic level-editor.


Job Scheduler - Buildsafe Australia

Scheduling app (2020)

I created and designed a desktop application that helped the startup company prepare and schedule work.

I managed complexity and ensured performance and up-time for 60+ daily users across most departments, including operations, sales, drafters, factory, accounts, and management. I liaised with stakeholders to scope and build new features, coordinated version releases, integrated with other systems (including GPS and SMS), performed maintenance and bug fixes, etc.


Spin Wheel

Javascript module (2020)

An easy to use, themeable component for randomising choices and prizes. Interactive with mouse/touch gestures.

This project was a bit of fun to learn the Canvas API. I wanted to make a fully-featured component with a simple codebase and no dependancies.


Tic Tac Toe

Web app (2019)

My goal was to learn and experiment with React. This was a fun playground, and a slightly contrived excuse to make a web app!


All About Fences

Website (2019)

Single page website for a local fencing contractor. The design was based on a Bootstrap template. This involved theming, copywriting and photo editing.


FileMaker ODBC Debugger

SQL query tool (2018)

A tool to help you write and test SQL queries for a FileMaker database while handling some of the limitations and quirks of the driver. It warns you about things to avoid, and supports syntax highlighting for FileMakers' reserved keywords.



3D web animation (2018)

A replication of the countdown animation in the film Mission to Mars.

I love the design of this binary timer. The rings appear to be resting on a translucent surface, which gives a sense of depth as they rotate through it. I used many layers of transparency beneath the rings to create this effect.

Also it was challenging to position the camera and perspective the same as the movie. I had fun referencing the movie and learnt a lot.


Mario Soundboard

Web app (2018)

An unofficial sound-effects app I made for my kids so they could play sounds and music for the Monopoly Gamer board game. Collecting coins from the bank has never sounded so good!

Its a small showcase of the amazing sounds and icons of the Mario franchise.



Web app (2017)

A simple pictionary-type game! Pens and paper still required.

I love classic Pictionary! I wanted to design a very simple and intuitive interface, as well as make my own list of words. The words should be spontaneous, absolutely relatable, and interesting to draw, and then there wouldn't be a need to lug a board game box around.


Puzzle Pad

Web app (2017)

A fun python find-a-word algorithm that I wrote in Uni eventually evolved into a web app with a huge scope. The idea was to make a utility that could generate printable puzzles. It will probably never be finished!

Another idea was to make an Adobe Illustrator/InDesign plugin.


Soft Toy Storage

Website, branding, and assembly instructions (2015)

I did just about everything on this low-budget project: website design, logo design, icons and graphics, copywriting, image gallery, and assembly instructions.

I also produced a sales heat map and integrated an automatic Paypal payment plan.


Alternate Dwellings

Website (2014)

I designed a new website design for Alternate Dwellings, including logo redesign, copywriting, photo editing, converting builder's plans into graphics, ads, and keeping photos and pricing up-to-date.


My Cookbook

Prototype iOS web app (2012)

My final Uni project. Focus was mainly on interface design, getting it to work on ios (early web app days), and the client-server architecture.


Uni Graphic Design Projects


Various things I made in Uni.


COD2 Profile Editor

Prototype Windows app (2006)

An app I made to help me make custom key bindings for Call Of Duty 2.

It worked, but mostly looked pretty. The code was rubbish and I didn't know how to implement any of the advanced features I had planned. I received suggestions for improvement but it was never finished. It was a nice idea.


Voyager Episode Archive

Prototype Flash app (2003)

A functional Start Trek LCARS touch interface with sounds.

I examined many examples from the show to learn the design language. I wanted interactions to be functional while at the same time fluid and fun to interact with.


Super Worm

Windows game (2002)

8 levels, 3 different fruit, and 4 power-ups. I planned to make a level editor but never got around to it. And I can't remember what happens when you get past the last level... probably nothing.